What is PowderBrows?

PowderBrows is an innovative eyebrow shading technique that enhances natural contours without the need for daily makeup. This method uses small dots to create a soft, powdery effect, achieving a flawless and natural look. Led by Master Carmela Alu, our course provides comprehensive training in PowderBrows, with a detailed curriculum covering all necessary aspects to excel in this field.

The course spans six months or less and is designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge to master the PowderBrows technique. From application techniques to color theory and customer care, our program covers all key elements for becoming an expert in PowderBrows. Moreover, the course concludes with a certification that validates competency in this technique, providing graduates with the confidence and credibility to stand out in the industry.

Our Master, Carmela Alu, as the lead instructor, is committed to delivering an exceptional learning experience, guiding students through each step of the process. With practical and theoretical classes, along with opportunities for hands-on practice on real models, our students gain the practical skills and confidence necessary to succeed in the exciting world of PowderBrows.


  • Relevant information about the procedure.
  • Golden Ratio and Brow Design.
  • Advanced Skin Knowledge.
  • Determining suitable client types based on health and aesthetics.
  • Hygiene.
  • Color Theory.
  • Pigment Depth and Implantation.
  • Touch-up.
  • Use of PowderBrows instruments and equipment.
  • Healing stages.
  • Correct hand and body positioning.
  • Frequently Asked Questions.
  • 8-Level System, each containing video demonstrations, images, and examples.
  • Work correction after each level to progress to the next.


PhiAcademy's PowderBrows training is aimed at both inexperienced students and experienced professionals looking to enhance their current work or learn this new technique.

Participants will learn about the Golden Ratio, which is crucial in creating personalized eyebrow designs.

Additionally, they will become familiar with different skin types, skin structure, eyebrow anatomy, and the correct skin depth for performing this procedure. The training covers essential tools for the technique, color theory, hygiene practices, and much more.

  • DAY 1

    We cover all the theory, including client preparation before PowderBrows treatment, detailing the procedure components, providing training in hygiene, knowledge of facial anatomy, basics of color theory, and recommendations for post-treatment care.

  • DAY 2

    The practical section involves the direct application of what has been learned on a real model, allowing students to execute the PowderBrows technique under expert supervision to ensure understanding and proficiency in practice.


    • Online course through the Craftmaster app.
    • Mentorship by Carmela Alu.
    • Progress through levels using the app.
    • Artist title and certificate.

    • Live workshop with Master Carmela Alu.

    • Practice on a live model.
    • Online course through the Craftmaster app.
    • Progress through levels using the app.
    • Artist title and certificate.


  • Your gateway to the world of PowderBrows awaits with our Starter Kit, designed to equip you from the outset.
  • 1 x 10ml PhiContour Brown 1 Pigment
  • 1 x 10ml PhiContour Brown 2 Pigment
  • 1 x 10ml PhiContour Brown 3 Pigment
  • 1 x 5ml PhiBrows Red Supe Pigment
  • 1 x 5ml PhiBrows Yellow Supe Pigment
  • 1 x 5ml PhiBrows Black Supe Pigment
  • 1 x PhiBrows BB Compass Golden Ratio Compass
  • 1 x Phi Thinner Pigment Diluter
  • 1 x Pigment Mixer
  • 1 x PhiFoam Cleansing Foam
  • 1 x Set of Eyebrow Tweezers and Scissors
  • 2 x PhiBrows Eyebrow Drawing Pencils
  • 3 x Latex Practice Sheets
  • 5 x Makeup Removal Towels
  • 5 x Disinfectant Towels
  • 50 x Pigment Pots
  • 50 x Skin Candy Post-Care Cream Single Doses

The online kit also includes a 6-month membership to the CraftMaster App for a comprehensive learning experience from home, shipped directly to your address. Please note, the tattoo machine and cartridges are not included.

The In-Person Kit offers a practical learning experience in a workshop setting led by Master Carmela Alu, including the opportunity to practice on live models. The tattoo machine and cartridges are not included in this kit.


Both the theoretical and practical aspects of the training take place under the careful guidance of Master Carmela Alu, who is present to address students' questions and provide appropriate support and guidance.

Mastery of PowderBrows cannot be achieved in just two days. The goal of the two-day live training is to learn correct execution through clearly defined tasks.

After the live training, participants gain access to the CraftMaster online learning platform, where all registered students undergo online education on PowderBrows treatment. Participants must successfully complete all technical modules on the CraftMaster platform within 6 months, with full support from Master Carmela Alu.


Cost per individual treatment: $350 USD
x 6 days = You earn $2,100 USD weekly
x 4 weeks = You earn $8,400 USD monthly
x 12 months = You earn $100,800 USD annually

You only need to do 6 eyebrows per week to earn six figures annually!

  • As an additional bonus, upon enrollment, you will have access to 4 free courses designed to help you achieve master-level proficiency. These courses include Hygiene, Skin Expert, First-Class Service, and How to Get More Clients.


Become part of the hundreds of students who have achieved financial independence today, thanks to the comprehensive courses and certifications offered by PhiAcademy Master Carmela Alu.

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Powder Brows PhiAcademy Course

Powder Brows PhiAcademy Course

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Transform your passion for beauty into a career with the PowderBrows course from So Beauty. Learn from PhiAcademy experts with our comprehensive program, which includes advanced powder brow techniques, practice on real models, and exclusive access to the CraftMaster platform for continuous learning.
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