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Our Founder and Master, Carmela Alu, is currently recognized as the Best Microblading Artist in the USA for 2022. Over time, she has not only perfected the technique but has also developed a unique style that sets her apart from others. She employs a hyper-realistic hair technique, producing very delicate and elegant results. Carmela creates unique designs tailored to each individual's face, without being influenced by trends or fads.

All these years of preparation and more than 2000 completed works confirm that her designs enhance the natural beauty of her clients' faces, achieving elegant and incredibly natural results that go unnoticed.

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    At So Beauty there are no templates, we design eyebrows adapting to the facial morphology of each customer.

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    We guarantee naturalness and elegance in every job, as well as long-lasting results that won't change color over time.

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    We have a team of professionals backed by the experience built over these years, continuous training, and the proven results in more than 2000 completed jobs.

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    We offer completely free consultations or evaluations, ideal for recommending the treatment that suits your needs and skin type.

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With Italian-Venezuelan roots, she earned her international certification from PhiAcademy, renowned as the world's premier beauty academy.

Her deep appreciation for natural elegance inspired the founding of So Beauty by Carmela.

Dedicated to professionalism and guided by a strong work ethic, she excels at understanding her clients' needs. Her unique designs, coupled with reliable, high-quality products, have garnered her the trust of over 2000 satisfied clients.

In a remarkable achievement, she was awarded the title of Best Microblading Artist of 2022, securing the first-place trophy in the United States.

An artist at heart, she passionately transforms faces into works of art. Her specialization lies in the subtle art of eyebrow correction and design, executed so flawlessly that it remains virtually imperceptible.

Thanks to the great demand that So Beauty has acquired in recent years, we have expanded the services, integrating top-line professionals, so today we have a team trained by Carmela, who has been in charge of imbuing the So Beauty philosophy with the values ​​that characterize our company: professionalism, excellence, ethics, elegance and naturalness.

  • Carmela

    Founder & Master Artist.

  • Vanesa

    Microblading, Powder Brows, and Facial Artist.

  • Karina

    Powder Brows and Micro Lips Artist.

  • Carla

    Nurse, Skin Care Specialist, and Laser Removal Technician.

  • Geraldine

    Design and Hair Removal Artist. Eyebrow Lamination and Eyelash Keratin.

  • Andrea

    Design and Hair Removal Artist. Henna Application and Eyelash Keratin.

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