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Perfect Eyebrow Kit

Perfect Eyebrow Kit

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Keep your brows on point with this essential kit.

The Duo Highlighter is a soft and creamy highlighter that's the secret to perfectly defining your brows. One side is matte and is used beneath the brows to crisply define the entire edge. The other side is shimmering, which you can use to highlight the inner and outer tear ducts and is perfect for an eye shadowing effect.

The Brow Fix Gel is a clear gel that tames eyebrow hairs, keeping them in place, ensuring they stay set and styled. Suitable for all hair colors.

The High Definition Brush is a firm and thick brush used with your Duo Highlighter to define the base of your brows.

Additionally, this kit comes with a steel sharpener, ensuring you'll always have the tools you need to keep your brows in pristine condition.


Duo Highlight

High Definition Brush

Brow Fix Gel

steel pencil sharpener

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