• The Latin Brows Advanced Training combines the authenticity of Microblading with the "Makeup Effect" achieved through machine shading. Therefore, this advanced course provides all the class content through the Craft Master application.

    This way, you'll have access to theory and videos when you need them. Additionally, it includes personalized mentoring for three months, during which you can submit exercises for the 13 levels to achieve excellence in the technique.


• Proper use of the compass

• Depth

• Precision

• Correct photography

• Correct stretching technique in the first and second pass

• Different pigment filling techniques

• Machine shading for powder effect

• Correct separation of strokes

• Stroke filling with the machine

Who is it addressed to?

This course is meticulously designed for artists who have shown a serious commitment to their professional development in the field of microblading. Specifically, it is aimed at those who have already completed their initial training in microblading and have reached level 9 in their course at PhiAcademy. This level of prior experience is a testament to their dedication and skill, and is a prerequisite for this advanced course.

The goal of this course is to provide these advanced artists with deeper and more specialized training, allowing them to further perfect their skills and techniques. Upon completion, participants will be equipped with a deeper knowledge and a more comprehensive understanding of the LatinBrows technique, enabling them to take their art to the next level.


• PhiContour Pencil (White)

• Skin Candy PhiShield

• Latex (Blank) 3/1

• Self-Adhesive Pigment Container

• PhiBlade Disposable Tool 18 U Ecc. 0.18 10/1

• PhiThinner

• 2 Pigments SUPE 5ml Black

• 2 Pigments SUPE 5ml Red

• 2 Pigments SUPE 5ml Yellow

For this training, it is necessary to have a machine (*Machine not included in the kit).


Exactly, you've got it right! After successfully finishing the two-day training, participants receive a certificate of attendance. However, to obtain the LatinBrows Artist certificate and be listed on the official PhiAcademy website map of Artists or Technicians, they must complete the tasks within the Craftmaster application.

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LatinBrows Perfection Online Training

LatinBrows Perfection Online Training

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